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Small animal care

Bunny's and Guinea-pigs need a holiday too! Whilst you are enjoying your holiday Thumper could be having fun at Just Animals HQ meaning you can relax knowing your small furry friend is being well cared for. 


Just Animals offers rabbit and guinea-pig boarding meaning around the clock care and attention. Rabbits and guinea-pigs can spend their days enjoying a leg stretch in secure outside runs, (or inside weather depending) before being setteled down for the night in large double hutches. All hay and bedding is supplied by myself and all animals from different homes are of course kept seperately. All rabbits staying with Just Animals must be fully vaccinated. 


£6 per accomodation per day


Alternatively for indoor rabbits, guinea-pigs or any other pets from chickens to fish  I can offer pet visits where I will attend your home feed your pets, change water, clean bedding and offer some play time. Whilst visiting I can also pick up your post, water your plants and turn on and off lights


One visit per day - £7

Two visits per day £13


If you have a multi-pet household (5 pets or more), or larger animals please contact me for an individual quote

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