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Puppy training

I offer a range of different puppy services, please contact me if there is anything you can't see listed below and I will happily tailor make a service for you and your puppy.



I offer a pre-puppy service. If you're thinking of getting a puppy but aren't quite sure what breed to get, what questions to ask the breeder, or just want to know what to expect and what you need to get ready I can offer you all the advice and tips you need so you are fully prepared to welcome home your new friend! This will then be followed by 2 training sessions at your home once you have your puppy, ensuring you have the best start together. 3 session pre-puppy package is £75.



Perfect for early stages of your puppies life, one2ones can cover any topic you wise. Be it the normal puppy problems such as puppy biting or toilet training. Or if you would like help with basic behaviours such as sits, downs, loose lead walking and recall a one2one could be the answer to all your questions. One2ones are £35



Experiencing the world at an early age is so important for our puppies. Socialisation isn't just about meeting other dogs, its about experiencing the world, everything it envolves, and having many early positive experiences. My puppy socialisation walks are tailor made for your puppy for them to have many positive life experiences. From trips into the town, petshops, farms, business estates and to the vets. Whilst out at these walks I will also work on your puppies basic training behaviours such as sit, recall and loose lead walking.

I will also introduce them to appropriate adult dogs so they can learn to play polietly and read other dogs body language in a controled and safe environment. This service is desinged for puppies from 8 weeks to 5 months of age. Puppy socialisation walks are £35 for an hour.



A six week course, of one hour classes, covering all the important life skills. Including cicker training, confidence courses, sits, downs, stands, recall, loose lead walking and mat training. Class numbers are kept small so that each puppy can get individual attention from me. Please contact me for the next course start date. The six week course is £48


All puppy training services come with full training advice and ongoing support.

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