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There are many different reasons why a dog walker may be the right decision for you, be it that your out all day at work, working from home and needing to concentrate on the tasks at hand, or just to give your dog some extra excercise and stimultion or maybe you like the idea of your dog having a group of friends for an hour a day?

My dog walks are group walks, an hour long and take place in my secure private field. This means they can spend the whole hour off lead, there are no roads to cross, no risk of them running off or getting lost, and no chance of any stranger dogs interupting our fun. At the field we play lots of games that are designed to stimulate your dogs without too much adrenaline, a game of find it is a favourite amongst the dogs! In the summer there is a paddling pool to hand for the dogs that enjoy a cooling splash around.

Why choose me as your dog walker?
I have been running Just Animals since January 2013 and in this time have gained alot of experience in the industry, I have trained as a dog trainer and have good knowledge of dog training, dog behviour and body language. I am fully insured, criminal record checked and animal first aid trained, I attend animal first aid courses every 2 years to ensure I have the most up to date information. When collecting your dogs they are transported safely in my car which has been fully fitted up for safe trasport of the dogs. Dogs from seperate households are kept seperately when travelling in there own space. I have a hot water policy in place and everything I do has your dogs best interest at heart.

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