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Dog training 

Be it a rescue thats recently joined you, or a dog you've had for a while, I can help with training your four legged friend. Over the years of dog walking I have invested alot of resources into studying modern, reward based training methods and I am passionate about making training a pleasant and rewarding experience for both you and your dog. I can offer a one2one service, either at your home or at my training field, or group classes depending on your dogs needs. 


Toilet training, pulling on the lead, jumping up, poor recall and reactivity are just few of the hot topics people will contact me about. A few other behaviours I can help teach you and your dog include but not limited too eye contact, reflex to name, sit/down/stand and staying in these positions.




I train my dogs using a clicker and find it a really effective tool in the training box! If your interested in using a clicker for training but haven't used one before I can do a session with you in the comfort of your home, or at the field if you prefer. Teaching you to use the clicker effectively and explaining the benefits of the click! £20 for 30 minutes.



It doesn't matter if you have one or five different problems as I offer one to one training, each session will be made to meet your requirments and needs, its just for you! We can move at a pace that suits you and your dog! One2ones are perfect for owners that due to other commitments may not be able to make class, they are also great for dogs that are nervous or reactive as we can work to their needs. One2ones are £35 per hour



A one2one 30 minute walk and training session combined. I can work on any behaviour problems during this time such as pulling on the lead, poor recall, or focus levels when outside of the house. Training walks will include a pre-walk consultation where we can discuss what will be worked on, and training adivce and support will be offered throughout. Training walks are £20 for 30 minues



I currently run an Early learners class for dogs over six months of age, this class is aimed at dogs that have the basic behaviours such as sit, and would like to improve these and learn new skills. This is a rolling class and is £8 per class.


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